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One day, while little Miss Z was playing with her toys, she noticed something new out of the corner of her eye. Something mystical...something amazing...  Beside the door to her room, was another door, a new door...a tiny door. The tiny door was for the Fairies & Elves to pass through into our world. Miss Z was never quick enough to see the Fairies with her own eyes, but they often left little clues that they had visited throughout the night: Fairy dust, little footprints, presents, and even the tooth-fairy visited through the door!

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Our Fairy & Elf doors are designed to open inward, so once you have installed your door, only the fairies & elves can open it! Use double stick tape or blu-tack to hang your fairy door. Bring some magic into your home....install a fairy or elf door today!
Please note that the doors are handmade and delicate. They are made from wood and non-toxic paint. Colours may vary slightly.
These products are for display purposes and are not recommended for children under 5.
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