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10 May,2018 | 0 Comments

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4 July,2017 | 0 Comments

10 Ideas for the School Holidays

Finding things for the kids to do during the school holidays can be a challenge. We've curated 10 ideas to keep them occupied here in Sydney.



1. Take a ferry from Circular Quay across sparkling Sydney Harbour to Taronga Zoo, where you can watch the rarest seals in the world.

2. Go to the Sydney Aquarium at Darling Harbour where the kids can get up close and personal with the King Penguins at SEA LIFE.

3. The Australian Museum is another favourite which holds 185 years worth of scientific research, collections, education, and lots of Dinosaurs!

4. Discover some of Sydney's natural wonderland by walking one of our many walking trails in our national parks, beaches, Royal Botanical Gardens and Sydney Harbour.

5. Want to fly through the air like you just don't care? The Kids playground at Darling Quarter is open with a 21-metre flying fox. Great fun for the kids, plus their's lots of places to have lunch too.

6. Go ice skating at Macquarie Ice Rink. Want to step it up a notch? Check school holiday time sessions with public disco nights on Fridays.

7. Visit Monster Skatepark Grand Parade Homebush - kids will love scooting on an indoor as well as outdoor course.

8. An all time favourite... take the kids to the movies. Despicable Me 3, Cars 3, Diary of a wimpy kid: The long Haul, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and Spider-man Homecoming are all out now.

9. An easy and fun day out at the library is always a favourite, where you can borrow favourite books, movies and magazines.

10. And finally, check your local community councils who can recommend activities, vacation care and fun things for the kids to do too!

    24 February,2017 | 0 Comments

    School Goals 2017

    Have you had your parent-teacher interviews recently? We did. Meeting your child's teacher and discussing what your child needs help with, is a valuable way to create a focus for the year.

    Here is what we will be focussing on this term:

    Our Son: Year 4
    This year we plan to focus on his timetables this term. He knows a few of them but not all them so he has started to make a timetable poster to hang on the back of his bedroom door. By writing them he is learning them, and by making them colorful he is creating an exciting educational tool to look at. He can now learn them while he is lying in bed thinking of numbers.

    Our Eldest Daughter: Year 2
    This year our aim is for her to fall in love with reading. At the moment it is more of a chore, but by bringing reading into our everyday lives, by reading signs, our shopping lists and lunch menus, we are creating avenues for her to learn to read incidentally - much more fun when it is for a real reason!

    Our next plan is to go to the local library and borrow books that she loves. Reading is very important for all children so making it part of your everyday living makes it much easier.

    Our Youngest Daughter: Preschool
    She is starting pre-kindergarten next year so she is focusing on her ABC, days of the week and months. She is learning them in a song so when she is at home she sings them to us. It's a great way for her to remember them and fun!

    Having a plan for your children helps them thrive in all areas of their development. I hope ours helps you with yours!